Our outstanding faculty brings together some of the most dynamic and skilled teachers in the country, who  make learning a joyful and positive experience for all ages and levels of students.


Amy Cann (fiddle, folk dancing) Putney, VT

Lisa Cridge (violin, chamber music) Arlington, VA

Laura Frazelle (violin) Burke, VA

Ruth Johnsen (orchestras, chamber music) Chapel Hill, NC

Lisa Liske (cello, chamber music, celtic cello) Cary, NC

Arianna Macy (violin, fiddle, teen counselor) Boston, MA

Eric Maring (guitar, music & movement) College Park, MD

Vivian Mayers (violin) New York, NY

Sasha Mikhlin (violin, chamber music) Annapolis, MD

Alex Nelson (guitar, teen counselor) Raleigh, NC

Joey O’Donnell (viola, chamber music) Raleigh, NC

Joseph Pecoraro (guitar) Winston-Salem, NC

Hilde Singer (violin) Silver Spring, MD

Sera Smolen (cello, musicianship, improvisation) Ithaca, NY

Jim Van Reeth (violin) Newark, OH

Ben Wyatt (cello, chamber music) Blacksburg, VA

Katherine Wiley (Director) Winston-Salem, NC


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