Program Offerings


Daily core curriculum for violin, viola, cello, bass and guitar students:

· Private Lesson Masterclass with 3-4 students

· Group Repertoire Class

· Musicianship/Large Ensemble

             Students are placed according to their playing & reading level in either:

             Musicianship, Beginning Reading Orchestra, Blue Ridge Orchestra, Sinfonia, or              Guitar Reading Ensemble.


Daily core curriculum for piano students:

· Private Lesson Masterclass with 3-4 students

· Musicianship

· Choice of elective class


Daily core curriculum for Pre-Twinkle/Twinkle students (violin, cello, guitar only)

· Combined masterclass/group class with 3-5 students (depends on enrollment)

· Musicianship

· Music and Movement



Optional Electives Include:


· Chamber Music (violin & guitar book 4 and up, cello & viola book 3 and up, piano at least intermediate playing level)

· Fiddling (violinists & violists minimum playing level book 1 Allegro)

· Improvisation (any instrument-minimum playing level book 2 and up)

· Guitar Chordal Accompaniment/Improvisation (guitarists book 3 and up)

· Celtic Cello (cellists and bassists– book 2 and up)

· Early Childhood Music & Movement (ages 1-5 with an adult caregiver)

· Folk Dancing (ages 4 and up)

· Eurythmics for non-students (siblings ages 4 and up)

· Eurythmics for Adults (you do not need to play an instrument)

· Beginning Adult Violin (any beginning adult– provide your own violin)

· Beginning Guitar (ages 5 and up– provide your own nylon string guitar)

· Adult Masterclass (adults who play violin, viola, cello, guitar) Additional Fee



Most enrolled students register for one elective class, but you m may register for two electives if you are fine with a very full schedule. Elective classes are also open to non-enrolled siblings, parents, grandparents, or any relative attending, and they may take up to 4 electives.


Parent Sessions


Parents are invited to daily lectures/discussions on topics related to Suzuki philosophy and Suzuki parenting. These are given by different faculty members or parents who have a particular topic of interest to share.


Solo Recitals


Students may choose to perform on a solo recital, by completing the information when they register.  Recitals are optional and not required.




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