Program Offerings


Daily core curriculum for violin, viola, cello, bass and guitar students:

· Private Lesson Masterclass with 3-4 students

· Group Repertoire Class

· Musicianship or Large Ensemble

             Students are placed according to their playing & reading level in either:

             Musicianship (Music Mind Games), Beginning Reading                             Orchestra, Blue Ridge Orchestra, Sinfonia, or Guitar Reading Ensemble.


Daily core curriculum for piano students:

· Private Lesson Masterclass with 3-4 students

· Group Musicianship and Performance Class

· Music Mind Games or Elective Class


Daily core curriculum for Pre-Twinkle students (violin, cello, guitar only)

· Combined masterclass/group class with 2-4 students (depends on enrollment)

· Musicianship (Music Mind Games)

· Music and Movement


Optional Electives Include:


· Chamber Music (violin & guitar book 4 and up, cello & viola book 3 and up, piano by teacher recommendation)

· Fiddling (violinists & violists minimum playing level book 1 Allegro)

· Improvisation (any instrument-minimum playing level book 2 and up)

· Guitar Chordal Accompaniment/Improvisation (guitarists book 3 and up)

· Celtic Cello (cellists and bassists– book 2 and up)

· Early Childhood Music & Movement (ages 1-5 with an adult)

· Folk Dancing (ages 4 and up)

· Music Mind Games for non-students (siblings ages 3-10)

· Beginning Adult Violin (any beginning adult– provide your own violin)

· Beginning Guitar (ages 5 and up– provide your own nylon string guitar)

· Adult Masterclass (adults who play violin, viola, cello, guitar, piano) Additional Fee



Most enrolled students register for one elective class, and some students register for two. Elective classes are also open to non-enrolled siblings, parents, grandparents, or any relative attending, and they may take up to 4 electives.


Parent Sessions


Parents are invited to daily lectures/discussions on topics related to Suzuki philosophy and Suzuki parenting. These are given by different faculty members or parents who have a particular topic of interest to share.


Solo Recitals


Students may choose to perform on a solo recital, by completing the information when they register.  Recitals are optional and not required.




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