Frequently Asked Questions


What is a typical day like at camp?

Every student has a different schedule, depending on their instrument, level, and choice of electives.  Most students have 2 or 3 classes in the morning between 8:30 and 12:30, lunch at 12:30 and one or two classes between 1:30 and 3:30.  At 3:30 students often go to the pool , play outside with other campers, or attend an afternoon recital. Evening activities begin at 7:00 PM and usually end by 8:00 PM.


Will it work for me to come to camp without my spouse?

Yes, there are many parents who come to camp without a spouse and with more than one child.  While it is great when a parent is able to observe all classes, the most important class to observe is the masterclass.  Parents of  more than one child may likely need to move around between classes.  If the student is older elementary or middle school age they can be more independent.  Most of our classes are in the same building or close by, so it is usually not hard for students to get between classes on their own.


Can my child attend camp without me?

We have cottages for students 12 years old and up who are mature enough to  be without a parent.  There are separate teen cottages for girls and boys, and they are supervised by experienced and loving adult counselors. Anyone under 12 needs to have a parent or other caregiver attend camp with them.  We occasionally allow mature 11 year olds who have attended camp before to stay in the teen cottage.


What if I have a teen and younger children?

Teens are welcome to stay with their family in the regular housing.  Sometimes parents will stay with younger siblings and let the teen stay in the teen cottage.  This can be a great way for a teen to get used to being “away” while their parent is nearby.


Can I bring other family members to camp?

We welcome siblings, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone who you would like to have this experience with you.  Most of our electives are open to non-students as well as students.  Some families bring grandparents to have an extra set of hands and to enjoy a musical vacation week together. 


How do I register family members?

When you complete the registration process, you will be asked to complete a registration for each person in your family that is attending, whether they are enrolling as a student or not.  Keep in mind that Shrine Mont room & board charges are per person, so the cost increases when you bring more people.


I have a toddler coming with me, is there babysitting available?

We do not have a formal childcare program, so if you anticipate needing a lot of childcare it is easiest if you bring someone with you.   We do have a staff member who is available at certain times of day for babysitting– please inquire about this before the start of camp.  We also suggest enrolling toddlers in the Music & Movement elective, so they can have their own fun musical experience at camp.


We want to attend but I really need to work while at camp, can I do that?

Some parents or spouses need to do some work while at camp.  The main lobby of the hotel has wireless internet access, and tables and chairs where it is possible to work.  While we can’t promise that it is always quiet, many parents have found that this works well for them.


My child only recently started Suzuki lessons, is he ready for camp?

If your child is able to have a short private lesson and participate in a group class environment, she/he should be ready for camp.  Even 3-5 year olds benefit tremendously from camp, and it helps to set them up for successful Suzuki study during the year.


What if my daughter started with the Suzuki method, but has recently been playing outside of the repertoire?

This is really only a concern for the group repertoire classes.  We publish a review list on our website so that everyone knows which pieces at their level to focus on reviewing.  If a student has skipped pieces in their current or previous Suzuki book, it is good to let us know in advance and to look at the list and make sure those pieces are learned.  If a student has switched completely to repertoire outside of the Suzuki books and has not reviewed, then sometimes it may be most appropriate for them to take another class instead of the group repertoire class.


What if my son completed all the Suzuki books and is beyond?

We have many students whose playing level is advanced and beyond the Suzuki literature.  These students will typically attend our Chamber Music Institute.


How many electives should my child take?

That really depends on the student.  Young children who are coming to camp for the first time often do best with just the basic curriculum and no electives.  Elementary aged children are usually fine with one elective class.  Students who are more advanced sometimes register for 2 elective classes, but this means that they will have a full schedule of classes and they should have the stamina for that.


Does my child have to audition to play on a solo recital?

No, we do not select students to play on a recital.  We believe it is important to give that opportunity to anyone who has a piece that is polished and memorized, and we have a professional accompanist available.  You will need to register your child to play on a recital when you complete the registration, but you can choose the piece anytime before June 1.


Does my student need to know all of the pieces on the review list?

When reviewing for camp, the focus should primarily be on pieces from the current and previous books.  Reviewing earlier pieces helps make the opening night Play-In more enjoyable, but we understand that a student in the middle or upper books may not be able to review everything.


What is the structure of the final celebration concert on Friday?

Each of the group repertoire classes will perform one or two pieces by themselves, to showcase what they have worked on that week.  Students do not “play down” through all of the pieces on the concert, though occasionally two groups will combine to perform together.


What things are there to do besides the music classes?

Shrine Mont is a beautiful place with miles of hiking trails, a large swimming pool, fishing pond, basketball and tennis courts.  There is also a lake, horseback riding and zip lines very nearby.  Our campers are never lacking for fun things to do!


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